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Boundless Seduction is the fifth book i have self published in the last two years. These funds will be used to create a series based around my erotic works of art. Funds will go towards: Filming, Directing, Editing, Venues, Costumes, Props, Wardrobe, MUA, Hair etc. In order to have the series ready to go and air by this fall. Everyone that donates $30 or more will receive a copy of my latest book, Boundless Seduction Special Edition.

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Synopsis: Close your eyes and take a deep breath and get ready to enter a realm filled with spasms of unadulterated pleasure. Overwhelm your body in an opiate, narcotic high. Brace yourself as you are hurled into an onslaught of raw physical sensuality. Each dramatic scene will hold you on the edge of your seat as you experience the phenomenon of reckless, savage lust. This is only a fragment of the deviant desires that lie ahead. Bathe your soul in the euphoric aftermath of each characters frenzied race to fulfillment. Welcome to the world of Boundless Seduction.

About The Author: Sanina was born in St Louis, MO, and raised by her mother and grandmother. As a young girl, just a young girl, she realized
that words were her favorite reality. Reading captured her
attention, but she soon realized that she could affect people in the
same way that she was affected by the novels she read.
She began writing poetry and performing in the contests offered at her school. Sanina’s favorite genre to read is historical
romance; however, her writing was more erotic in nature. She
found her niche in Lesbian Erotica.

She discovered that her
writing was more effective when she wrote about her innermost
fantasies. Sanina would get lost in her world of fantasies as they
made their way to paper. She loved the feeling of knowing that
she could stimulate the senses of a reader so intensely that they
couldn’t help but respond physically to her written word.
Deviant Sexual Desires was Sanina’s first published,
written work. It has been followed by Last Chance, Sapphic
Love, and Boundless Seduction.
Sanina spends the majority of her free time writing. Sanina
lives and works in her hometown of St. Louis. She is an active resident of her community.

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