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Darkface Squatta DenoWorld is a hip hop artist with a voice of his own. He was born in Rock Island, Illinois and raised in Carbondale Illnois.  Squatta Denoworld makes music that is realer and darker than other hip hop artists. Instead of simply glamorizing a fake lifestyle, Darkface Squatta Denoworld brings the streets to you through his music. The unique thing about him is that he doesn’t stand above the people he raps about, but with them. The reality of his raps has resulted in him getting thousands of views and over 233 live shows opening for major artist without any marketing check promotion needed  credits ppl ive worked with. Big Kuntry King, Young Dro, Ty Gutta, Dj Stikuhbush check out my digital epk http://artistecard.com/darkfacesquatta#!/bio promotion needed.

Darkface squatta Denoworld is as real as he is due to a tragedy. His brother’s death hung over him and unable to keep all the pain and misery inside him, he started letting it out through his raps. The authentic grimey nature of his music has resulted in a lot of success. He has opened for major hip hop artists like Kevin Gates, Plies, Gangsta Black, Blac youngsta, Montana 300, Myco Montana, Katie Got Bands, King Louie, and La Chat. He also has a song with TI’s record label called club going sideways.
Darkface squatta Denoworld creates music that speaks to you and entertains you at the same time. Enter his dark world where he laments fake friends, dangerous situations, and the general down trodden nature of the society around him. That doesn’t mean Darkface squatta Denoworld doesn’t know how to party however, as can be easily seen in his music video and song called Trust no Thottys.
To hear more from this talented artist visit https://www.reverbnation.com musician/darkfacesquattadenoworld. You can also take a peek at his life on his Instagram under the handle Darkface_squatta. You can listen to even more of his music at.    SoundCloud.com/DarkfaceSquatta  His latest release, The Jugg Print, is available on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id1167814257?app=itunes . This artist  right on the verge of blowing up, so don’t be surprised if you see him taking over the radio in the coming few months. Fuck u like I mean it by Darkfacesquatta ft banga and mute. Also here goes my digital epk  http://artistecard.com/darkfacesquatta#!/bio

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