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“Erotica flows thru my veins and I climax onto paper”. ~Sanina

“My god… woman, your pussy is so tight! Do you finger
yourself when you masturbate?”
I tried to focus on Monique’s words and distract myself
from the heat that continued to build in my lower abdomen.
“No Ms. Waters, I never have. I love clitoral stimulation”,
I let out in a mesmerized whisper.
I could feel the breeze for Monique’s fluttering eyes. She
apparently got off preying on inexperienced females, but I
guess she had never had one completely virginal!
“Have you had your pussy licked?”
My cheeks reddened more as I shook my head in response.
“Again, Ms. Devonshire. Have you EVER had your cunt
licked before”, this time clearly demanding a verbal
I imagined the burning in my cheeks had spread
across my entire body and I once again could only muster a
non-verbal ‘no’. Monique’s mouth watered for her new
conquest, rubbing my clit faster with a smile as I gyrated to
the thumb-fucking my slippery snatch was now receiving.

“You make me SO hungry Roxy. The only thing that will
satisfy that urge is your fat pussy on my face. Let me teach
you what pleasure is truly”, Monique ended in a breathy
Wrapping her arms around my lower back, she gripped my
ass then stood up producing a shrill at the sheer strength
she exuded in lifting me as she rose to her feet. I can’t lie,
fuck turned on, I was turned over! The display of her upper
body strength shocked me as she lay me down gingerly
upon the couch; where she then, situated herself to face my
pussy at eye level.
“Ms. Waters, what are you going to do to me?”
“I am teaching you how to be pleased, and in turn how to
please as well. And after that, anything I desire”, Monique
explained with a hypnotic demeanor while she purposely
inhaled my scent.
“I am extremely wet, Ms. Waters. I’ve never felt like this
“Call me Monique. Once I’m done, you will be calling me
‘Sugah Mama.”

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