October 5, 2014

  • Visa Versa by Young Doe

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    If u cant handle the truth, u may need to skip past this controversial vid.

  • Boundless Seduction Part 1

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    “Chill out, BJ. I know you’re not talking. I saw the way you looked at her when you ran over to save the damsel in distress. You want her just as bad as Hollywood does. You just can’t stand the thought of her touching what you want.” 

  • Last Chance

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    I woke up to the sun rising. I eased off of her and covered her back up. I knew she had to be at work this afternoon so I decided to make her breakfast, for once. She had taken such good care of me this weekend that it was my turn to repay her. Once… [read more]

  • Deviant Sexual Desires

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    Have you unleashed your inner, carnal desires and fully enjoyed the pleasures of the skin? Have you abandoned all of the stuffy, societally conditioned thinking and engaged in intense, orgasmic explorations of the body? Have you ever been so overwhelmed, sensually, that it caused you to climax to new heights, above and beyond what you… [read more]

  • Sapphic Love

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    Nevaeh Caldwell had almost everything she ever wanted… a successful job, her own home, car, friends and family that loved her, and a handsome son that adored her. She had everything except someone to share her success with. That is until Chance Brewer entered her life. 

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