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Sia laughed as she watched Nevaeh bite into another chocolate. “Babe, why don’t you slow down on those? I don’t want to hear you complaining tomorrow about how you have to run a billion miles just to burn off what you’re eating tonight.”

“That’s my good little girl.” Sia said as she walked up behind Nevaeh and slapped her on the ass. Following her up the stairs and walking into the bedroom Sia listened to Nevaeh telling Zavion goodnight and heard her close his door.

Nevaeh walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind her watching as Sia peeled off her wife beater, leaving her sitting on the bed in just a sports bra and her shorts. Nevaeh walked over to the bed and straddled Sia kissing her on the lips.

“What’s on your mind, love?” Sia asked as she broke the kiss.

“I’ll give you one hint.” Nevaeh whispered as she leaned in and licked Sia’s neck.

Sia pulled Nevaeh down on top of her as she laid back. “I get the hint, loud and clear.” Sia said as she began to kiss Nevaeh.

Two hours later Sia watched as Nevaeh fell into a deep sleep lying on her chest. The love they made was so passionate and every orgasm seemed to have come harder and harder. Sia was just dozing off when Nevaeh began to shake in her sleep, Sia put her hand to her forehead and it dawned on her how hot her body really was. Sia moved Nevaeh off of her and laid her on her back, no sooner than she did that Nevaeh jumped sitting straight up and began to vomit profusely. Sia jumped out of the bed and grabbed her cell and called 911. Something wasn’t right about all of this, calling out to Zavion she yelled to him to put on some clothes and get dressed. She heard a thump followed by footsteps moving around. Nevaeh was still vomiting and had started to choke on her own vomit. Moving around the bed she laid Nevaeh onto her side. Zavion ran down the steps as the EMT banged loudly on the door. Sia opened the bedroom door and yelled to Zavion to have them come up the stairs. An hour later Sia paced the waiting room of the emergency room. Sonia had come up to the hospital to sit with Zavion who was distraught over what was going on with his mother. The doctor appeared and walked up to Sia as he took off his mask.

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