Boundless Seduction Part 1 – Coming Soon!

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Monique knew what Roxy was thinking.

Monique pulled back away from Roxy. She knew that Roxy was all too eager to learn and Monique knew that things would go a lot more smoothly if they were both a little more comfortable.

“Why don’t we move to the couch? I think that would be better for us.”

Monique grabbed Roxy by the hand and led her to the couch across from her desk. Monique sat down and looked up at a still standing Roxy.

“Come straddle me, little one. I want to feel my breasts against yours.”

Roxy was nervous, but eager to experience what Monique had in store. Roxy did as she was told. She could feel the heat coming from Monique’s pussy. Her nipples hardened as they brushed against the older woman’s. Monique started to caress Roxy’s body. Her hands glided across her skin starting at her thighs, moving up to her stomach and then to her breasts. Monique cupped both of Roxy’s breasts and pulled them towards her mouth. She sucked one nipple into her mouth and was pleased at the sounds that came from Roxy.

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