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I realize its sexual frustration for me; this sexual frustration comes from going from having sex all the time! I had it when I wanted and even when I didn’t want it (I was single and was at a different time in my life), to barely getting it, to never getting it! I’m now to a point where I’m switching it up a bit. The struggle with all this is my sex addiction! I deal with it every day, having a sex addiction for me is a little different than the average addictions that many are used to like; drugs and alcohol.  I say this because I am tempted in even the most innocent ways.
The one thing I do want to make very clear is I won’t do ANYTHING I draw the line many of us do! Everything that I’m interested in doing and have done in my past my president and will do in my future are all legal.
Now for me I’m very flirtatious and I have a very strong sex drive which basically means I need to have sexual stimulation in many ways to function most days, at least this is what I feel because having sex energizes me. Having sex gets my blood flowing and smooths my pain, I’m not in such physical pain day to day. I can be temporarily sexually satisfied even by just a conversation about sex. Yes, even masturbation is something I do a lot of, but it’s almost an interesting kind of addiction for me because sometimes the more I have sex, the more I need to have sex. This is why I know it is a sex addition.
Is it that I really need the sex to keep me going or is it that I keep on going to get the sex? Truly needing and wanting it to keep me going is the struggle of a sex addiction as a whole.
The thing about it is where do you go to get treatment? Where are the All-female meetings, I’ve been to a few meetings and it was extremely hard for me to stay and feel comfortable because I was the only woman in a room full of Men and most of them where pedophiles! I’m sorry if I offend anyone here . I am very sensitive to that subject, It’s because of my past. So can you blame me for not wanting to go to a meeting I did ask for any all-female meetings but they are rare and few. I’m thinking about having them myself for other women. These are the things that went through my mind when looking at this picture I can’t tell you how many times I have dream about having and needing this in my day-to-day life. I know when my baby girl go’s out it’s this big big world that I’m/she’s facing, a big world of temptation! Am I going to get in trouble today and give in to my weaknesses?
Looking at this image brings me to a point of calmness, seeing the fact that she can’t see through the blindfold make me know her hearing in amplified and the fact that she can’t move her arms is such an arousal point for me. It’s about the submitting to someone else and giving them the control. For me being such a strong woman in this Man’s world I need to give up my control to feel at ease. Unless you’ve had it done it’s almost hard to explain how the endorphins are so strong you want more and more and more.

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