Anal Sex Is Exhilarating!

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I love the feeling of fingering my ass while playing in my pussy. Indulging in
anal play can be a treat for anyone.  There are so many possibilities when
engaging in anal play, from using your fingers; to a wide assortment of
toys.  I’ve had my most intense orgasms from anal penetration, when
combined with clitoral stimulation and that’s common.  Many women have had
their most intense orgasms through anal play combined with playing in their
pussy or stimulating their clit.  The anus and rectum have an abundance of
nerve endings, when stimulated correctly will emit sensations throughout the
body.  Our ass has its own defense mechanism, if you directly thrust at
the anus, your muscles will contract, tightening the ass making penetration
virtually impossible. So make sure whether you’re playing alone or with a
partner that insertion of anything into the ass should be slow and gentle.
Preparing yourself for anal sex can be easy and pleasurable.  Before you
begin yourself pleasuring session follow these simple instructions. 
Before anal sex I always make sure my bowels are empty, the last thing you want
to do is ruin the moment.  Also when I’m planning something special like
using toys, which will go deeper into the anal canal I take an enema. 
Make sure that all the toys that you will be playing with have been sanitized
thoroughly.  Our goal here is to keep it safe and sexy.  After these
important steps have been taken, it’s time to let the satisfaction begin. 
My beginners make this first time special for you.  Anytime I play with
myself I always set the mood.  Turn off the lights, light some candles and
put on your favorite mood music.  Take a bath and let the hot water relax
all your muscles.  Usually this is when the fun begins for me; Sink down
in the tub, laying back comfortably and close your eyes.  Spreading your
legs and let your hands drift down your body caressing yourself as you make
your way down to that secret place.  Using your fingers begin to circle
your clit slowly, the point here is not to move fast, you want arouse yourself
sensually, building yourself up for the finale.  Let the heat within you
build until your skin feels like it’s on fire, anticipation makes everything so
much better.  As your pussy begins to slicken, stimulate your nipples; I
use nipple clamps because I love the whole pain/pleasure feeling which for me
increases the intensity of my orgasm.  Once you have yourself squirming in
the bathtub, slide your fingers lower, begin by sliding the tip of your finger
over the opening, you may tense up for a moment but that will eventually ease.
 Get used to the feeling as you enliven the anus, as you relax slide the
tip of one finger in, don’t be nervous just take it slow, and keep playing with
your nipples to take your mind away.  Fantasize about sexing your lover or
even your favorite porn, anything that will keep you willing and ready. 
As you begin to slide your finger in and out, you’ll feel your ass start to
pulsate as it becomes aroused and engorged.  Fingering your ass will
become easier as your ass gets wet, we can produce our own lubricant, just not
enough to play without using some type of lube or wetness.  As you begin
to move in and out faster, begin to play with your pussy or clit.  Clitoral
and anal stimulation are my recipe for an earth shattering orgasm, but everyone
is different.  Find your perfect combination, whether its anal and
clitoral, vaginal and anal etc.  It’s your body we should know how to
satisfy ourselves, know what you like and want so that when with a partner you
can share with them what will get you to the brink of ecstasy.
While anal penetration can lead to an orgasm that feels like an out-of-body
experience, you should still play safe.  Use plenty of lube, relax, and
make sure that the lines of communication are open when playing with a
partner.  Playing with a partner can be just as fun if not more, whether
you use toys or not.  Anal penetration provides indirect G-spot and
clitoral stimulation, so if doggy style is your position, I advise this
position for maximum pleasure.  While your partner is hitting it from the
back, play with your clit, slide a finger or two into your pussy and stimulate
your G-spot.  You can even feel your partner’s fingers or strap through
the thin wall of tissue separating your pussy from your ass. Anal sex is also a
great way of creating surrender or vulnerability, great for those of you who
enjoy indulging in the world of BDSM.
  My beginners who are trying
anal penetration with a partner using a strap-on, the spooning position is one
of the most comfortable and easiest to try this in.  When you have the
partner that is receiving lying down on her side and comfortable, lift her leg
and begin to play with her clit.  Kiss and bite her on the neck, play with
her nipples, finger her, do whatever it takes to get her pussy wet and her
breath coming in gasps.  When she’s ready rub your fingers across her
anus, up and down, side to side, circular motions and make sure you’re asking
her if she’s enjoying the pleasure you’re are trying to create for her. Slide
your finger in and out of her ass slowly; watch her face to make sure there are
no signs of pain across her face.  Once her ass is wet and pulsating its
time.  Make sure your strap is lubricated as well as adding more lube to
her already wet ass.  Rub the tip of the strap across her anus, make sure
she’s ready and prepared for the difference in size, and once she is ready
begin to slowly slide the tip in.  She may gasp or her breath my catch,
stop and make sure she’s ready for you to start back up again.  If your
partner is ready, slide in deeper, pulling back but not completely out. 
Once she is comfortable with that, quicken your pace a bit, reach around and
begin to play with her clit.  Make this experience as pleasurable for the
two of you, communication is the key in making this enjoyable so talk to each
other, don’t be shy.
When it comes to purchasing toys for
anal play the list could go on for an eternity.  To name just a few there
are; anal beads, balls, bullets, plugs, dildos, vibrators etc.  No matter
what your price range or size limit is you are bound to find something that
will leave you climbing the walls.  My favorite and the featured toy is
the Dual Action Bullet; its texture is smooth and soft, and it’s waterproof so
bath time play is advised.  One bullet is shaped to stimulate your G-spot
while the other is your standard oblong shaped bullet.  So you can have
anal play while playing with your clit or playing in your pussy.  With ten
different settings this toy is great for all levels of anal players.  I
love the anal play while playing with my clit; it leaves my clit pulsating and
my body craving more.
Overall anal sex can be a very
satisfying sex act when you play safely.  I always say; don’t knock it
until you try it.  All women are different and we are all pleased in
different ways, we’ve all heard the stories of anal sex being nasty or painful
but if you follow the instructions in this article I can almost guarantee
you’ll be going back telling whoever that anal sex is the bomb.  Keep it
safe and sexy, until next time.   

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